Session 2: Fort Rotterdam and the History of South Sulawesi

Tulisan Lihini Ratwatte, alumni jurusan International Studies, Monash University Malaysia. Dari In Search of Makassar and Toraja, SASS-Monash University Malaysia.

In Search of Makassar & Toraja '14

Written by Lihini Ratwatte
Photos by Jonathan Lim, Lam Hor Kay, Shawn Russell and Youvadee Pareatumbee

For our second session, we visited Fort Rotterdam in Makassar, which included a tour and short information session. Our host for the day was Drs Dias Pradidamara, M.S., M.A., (commonly known as Pak Dias) from Sultan Hasanuddin University, who has been lecturing in the university for 17 years.

We were given a tour around the exterior of Fort Rotterdam, which was originally a Gowanese fort dating back to 1545. However, the fort was taken over by the Dutch and was rebuilt in Dutch style after the Treaty of Bungaya in 1667. Pak Dias explained that the Dutch especially used the fort to transport goods from sea trade-ships through a canal spiralling across the fort and connecting to the inner-city of Makassar. Thus, Fort Rotterdam was the central stronghold of the Dutch East India Company…

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