Learning Bahasa Makassar (Bahasa Lontarak)

Belajar singkat huruf Lontarak Makassar dari Chen Su Zanne. Dari In Search of Makassar and Toraja, School of Arts and Social Sciences – Monash University Malaysia.

In Search of Makassar & Toraja '14

Written by Chen Su Zanne
Photos by Chen Su Zanne


What you see above are my notes and attempts at Bahasa Lontarak Makassar, taught by my dear student guide from Hasannudin University named Ilmal. Our student-teacher relationship begun during a scorching day in Chinatown when we were just getting to know one another. Ilmal introduced herself as a linguistic major and had a particular interest in studying the almost forgotten language of Makassar known as Bahasa Lontarak Makassar. I will do my best to teach you readers on how to read and write Bahasa Lontarak Makassar from the very very VERY limited knowledge that I have managed to accumulate during my two weeks stay in Sulawesi, Indonesia. All credit goes to Ilmal, who very patiently taught me the language despite many miscommunications. Here we go! Ilmal, I hope I do you proud.

Bahasa Lontarak Makassar is very similar to Bahasa…

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